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So How is Life during MBA @ IIM

So How is Life during MBA @ IIM?

After getting my PGPEX degree on 5th April 2014, I think its a good time to share what to expect during your 1 year at IIM Calcutta or for any other such college.

Academic Structure - 
To start with, there are 6 terms, each of 45 days and the last week is for exams. Based upon the grades received, the final CGPA is calculated at the end of the 6th term.
Also, IIMC had an International Immersion program during the 4th term and it lasted for 2 weeks. We visited business school in Germany/England.

Semester Structure - 
There are usually 6-8 subjects in each term. Some require a lot of input and efforts while others are case based.
Case Studies - Basically a 8-15 pages of a business story which usually ends with deciding upon the future strategy. You should read the cased and come prepared to the class where the Prof asks class to participate in a discussion and device a solution to the questions raised in the case.
Assignments - These can ask you to prepare a 2-20 pages document on a business topic. Be careful about plagiarism.
Presentations - Its a group exercise where you share your understanding about a business situation/case and also propose solutions.

Exams - 
Some questions - theory or case based - but passing in subjects is not difficult.

Load - 
People do study a lot during the initial months (1-2 hrs of study + assignments + case pre-read + report preparation), but later on, people get busy with placements, and once that happens, well, its chillax time thereafter unless you are in the race for being a topper.

Placements - 
Placements start during the last part of 4th term or the early part of the 5th term. Its a very requirement and profile based selection process and students are picked in small numbers by each company. Some companies don't select even a single person while others can take up to 6-8. Companies select candidates which they find most fitting hence the prior experience is very critical. Lateral shifting is difficult but not impossible. Shifting to Management Consulting, FMCG etc without prior experience is very difficult.

Roles Offered - 
Manager level roles and usually in the industry where you came from. Packages range from 18-22 LPA.

Your Class Rank Significance - 
None. The grades are not shared with recruiting companies (except for 2-3) so feel safe :)

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