Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Perfect Start for a Perfect Goal

Sick of your stagnant career? Doing the same monotonous work for zillions of years now? Your juniors taking over better roles now? Tired of earning much less than what you think you actually deserve? Do you feed like your boss is nothing but a moron and won't let you grow? Tired (frustrated) seeing your much less deserving colleagues/batch-mates making it big in life (at least on Linkedin)? Hate moments when you hear any and everyone making in to IIMs while you missed?

Well, look no further as you have reached just the place where you will get guidance to kick-ass above situations...
Ok, Ok, Ok, this was just to pump you up, now the actual stuff :

Yes, that was my reaction when I got admission offers from IIMC, ISB etc for batch 2013-2014.
My past efforts, from preparing for GMAT, to adjusting my lifestyle, to getting a mentor, to filling forms, to appearing for interviews, all flashed in front of me. To say that it was an emotional moment would be a serious understatement.

So, what is this blog all about?
My plan is to get you on the right track and guide you regarding the entire admission life cycle.

Who is it for?
This blog is for aspirants who want to prepare for GMAT and apply for the 1 year full-time MBA for experienced executives in India (and abroad as well). There are some top class management institutes in India which prefer to take experienced candidates and provide them with the management tools which can not only help the candidates with better future prospects but also help them in growing into a multi dimensional role. Needless to say, in this current competitive environment, being RELEVANT holds the key and this course keeps you one step ahead of the requirements.

The list boasts of Indian colleges such as - IIM-A (min 5 years), IIM-B (now 5 yrs), IIM-C (5), ISB (any), IIM-L (6), XLRI (5), SPJAIN(5) etc.

I will share my thoughts in various steps for simplicity and modularity.
So here it begins:
1. GMAT - its structure, preparation, practice etc
2. Profile Preparation - Extra curriculars, Letters of Recommendations etc
3. Applying for Colleges
4. Interview
5. Choosing the right college

My next update will take care of point#1.
But most importantly - "ALL OF LIFE IS LEARNING; THEREFORE EDUCATION CAN NEVER END". So. try to break the mould of comfort which is usually formed around people like you and me who have been working for 3-10 years and find it difficult to motivate oneself to commit for this 'adventure'. The basic rule is that you have to just sacrifice 2-3 months and that can have an unimaginable positive impact in your life.

All the best COMRADES, the battle is about to begin.

(IIM-C PGPEX 2013-14)


  1. Seems like a commendable effort from you..Congrats for your final admit. After the ding from ISB this year, I am pretty much feeling helpless regarding choosing the right college for me..I am not left with many options besides a decent XLRI GMP and B grade Great Lakes..Can you suggest of any colleges in similar league whose admission cycle is still open...Thanks

    1. Thanks buddy...

      the list includes - IIM A, B, C, ISB, XLRI, IIML and SPJ... Now, only XLRI is left...
      I would suggest not to go for Great lakes as their avg salary and experience are both on the lower side.

      You can start with IIM-I for 2014-2015 in May 2013.
      The top colleges have avg exp of around 8-12 years, so go for 2014-15 rather that joining a B grade college

  2. Hi Ashu, Great blog buddy . you have putin considerable amount of effort. The blog itself is the testimony of your great character.

    Can you please send me your contact details to my email id ashiiisojha@gmail.com. I have interview scheduled on 9th Nov - 13.


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